Need a little help figuring out your medication therapy plan? Looking for advice about better compliance with your medication intake schedule? Ask our pharmacist!

A lot of people still have lots of questions with regards to their medications. At the same time, they wish to do all that they can to achieve their personal health goals. However, what they lack is guidance from a qualified professional.

pharmacists assisting womanAt Palms Healthmart Pharmacy, we offer pharmacist consultations. With a consultation, you get to receive sound health advice from one of our highly qualified pharmacists. Each of the pharmacists in our team possesses the qualifications necessary to help you address your concerns regarding medications and overall health. Most importantly, they have plenty of experiences in dealing with a variety of situations so they can also guide you whatever your current situation may be.

To remain proficient in their field, our pharmacists also go through continuous education and training. If you wish to consult with one of our friendly pharmacists, kindly visit us at our store or call 407-723-0200.

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