Various medical supplies can help ease your struggles with mobility at home. They also help make things easier and safer in your home environment.

Palms Healthmart Pharmacy offers a comprehensive line of medical supplies so you do not have to worry where to get the items you need.

wheelchair, crutches, walkers and  rollatorSome of the items we carry in our inventory include:

  • diabetic supplies
  • incontinence supplies
  • ostomy supplies
  • nebulizers
  • heart rate, blood pressure, blood sugar monitors
  • crutches, canes
  • walkers, rollators
  • wheelchairs, recliners, chair lifts
  • shower benches
  • commodes and toilet seat risers
  • and a whole lot more

Please visit us or call 407-723-0200 to let us know what supplies you specifically need in your situation.

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